What women said...

"I enjoyed the brilliant Women Fix It bicycle maintenance course. Katy is an excellent teacher who certainly knows her stuff and explains things clearly and backs up the instruction up with demonstrations...and looked after us with home made refreshments. I learnt loads and now feel encouraged to have a go at doing my own maintenance. The course was pitched at the right level for me, a total maintenance beginner and an older person who appreciated Katy's patience in repeating info when I needed it. A big thank you." Amanda.

“I have more confidence to work on and fix my bike myself, which is what I wanted to achieve. I hope these classes continue and go on to have an intermediate level as well as beginner. Thank you!” Participant course # 1 February

“This workshop was fantastic, I learnt so much and am so grateful for all the instruction and help that I received. I will DEFINITELY take much more care of my bike and maintain it myself. I’d love to attend more advanced workshops in the future.” Participant course # 3 May

“The sessions have been great, open, friendly, informative, empowering. Kate and Annie have been wonderful and great teachers. I feel like I’ve learnt a lot and am now more confident and knowledgeable in maintaining my bike.” Participant Course #4 June

All photos on our website are thanks to Niamh Coughlan, a fantastic photographer and friend of the project.